Babak Eslami

Technical Writer

My name is Babak Eslami and I am a technical writer and a published fiction author from Toronto, Ontario. I am certified in the field of technical communication and I have several years of writing and editing experience.

My love for literature was always a great source of joy in my life and was instrumental in choosing a career as a writer.

I hold a degree in Literature from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. While working on my degree I wrote my first novels, and have been writing ever since.

My work as a technical writer is both fulfilling and busy. I am quick and efficient when completing technical writing projects. Technical writing is the perfect complement to the longer, more personal journey of writing novels.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is any form of documentation written to instruct an audience on how to use a product or perform a task. Technical Writing includes:

  • User guides
  • Tutorials
  • Technical articles
  • White papers
  • API documentation
  • Website content & design
  • Release notes

A technical writer is needed for product understanding and the overall quality of content. As a wordsmith I understand the importance of knowing who your audience is and of communicating clearly and effectively to them.

RATE: $ 0.10 per word


A lifelong passion for storytelling led me to a degree in Literature from Carleton University, in Ottawa, Canada. My love of writing and strong work ethic have led to my early success as a novelist. Looking forward, I hope to expand my audience with each new book release, and to eventually explore avenues into screenwriting.

My first novels explored a variety of genres, but it was quickly apparent that Fantasy was where my focus laid. The world of Fantasy provides an escape from the confines of the world as we know it and provokes both imagination and creativity. It’s exciting to write stories in this genre because of the freedom to create characters and backdrops that have no limits.

Blessed Heart and Other Stories
Booked!: The Rewrite Of One Boy's Life
The Chronicles of Brane: Curse of The Raven
Preternatural Pulp

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