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“Ever since I was old enough to read books, I was compelled with their ability to transport me to new worlds. The stories allowed my imagination to flourish, and bridged the space between reality and fantasy. My passion for storytelling led to a degree in literature from Carleton University (in Ottawa, Ontario), and is the reason I write. I hope my books resonnate with readers and provide the kind of escape into an imaginary world that only a book can offer.”


Babak Eslami lives in Toronto, Ontario. His love for entertaining stories in television, movies, and books was always a great source of joy in his life and was instrumental in motivating him to follow a career in writing.

Babak received a degree from Carleton University (in Ottawa, Ontario) in Literature. While working on his degree he wrote his first novels, and has been writing ever since. His first books explored a variety of genres, but it was quickly apparent that Fantasy was where his focus laid. The world of Fantasy allows for an escape from the confines of the world as we know it and provokes both imagination and creativity.

This life-long passion for storytelling, along with Babak’s strong work ethic have led to his early success as a novelist. Babak plans to expand his audience with each new book release, and to eventually explore avenues into screenwriting.

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Talon Maximus is deprived of his father and faced with the horror of having his girlfriend Denise taken by Dark Web mob boss Megalodon. All because of a book Talon owns, a book of unnatural power. Where wishes can come true... for the right sacrifice. With no one to help him and nothing left to loose, Talon summons the guardian of the book to aid him in his quest against Megalodon and rescue Denise.

Written and illustrated by Babak Eslami

Chronicle of Brane

Baltimore 1849. A curse has been placed over this town, as it seems... with Edgar Allan Poe blamed. In this action, mystery, and drama-filled novel, protagonist Jack Brane has taken upon himself to solve murderers, investigate deceit, and save the nation from fore coming war.

Written and illustrated by Babak Eslami

Booked The Rewrite Of One Boys Life

High school is the time to figure ourselves out . . . And junior student Robert Spiritt is no exception, trying to better himself after years of troublemaking. When he’s suddenly accused of stealing a valuable book, he finds himself suspended for a week and shunned by his peers and teachers, and especially Principal Sinfall. To prove his innocence, he teams up with aspiring journalist Maria Lightson and together they follow the clues leading to the real criminal. Will Robert find the truth and redeem himself before his entire school year is lost?

Written and illustrated by Babak Eslami

Blessed Heart and Other Stories

Blessed Heart and Other Stories is a collection of works by Bob Eslami, an emerging writer from Toronto. This anthology contains eight stories covering a variety of genres and styles.

Written and illustrated by Babak Eslami


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